Inner Conflict Workshop OnDemand

Inner Conflict Workshop OnDemand

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Recorded live this workshop includes several guided activities designed to support participants to gain clarity, resolution, and insights about an internal conflict they are struggling with. It also explores conflicts larger purpose and benefits in our life from a Spiritual perspective.

While not required, the optimal experience is going through this workshop with a friend/partner to discuss activities with.

Workshop (Approx run time 1 hr 11 min)

- lecture

- 6 solo activities

- 2 partner activities

***(Total workshop time needed 1 hr 31 min)***

 Bonus Content (Approx run time 20 min)

How we learn content (5 min)

2 Guided meditations/visualizations to help with decision making (15 min total)

Excerpt: Guided Meditation/Visualization #2 from workshop bonus material (5+ min)