Growing & Cultivating Your Ideas/Dreams phase 2

This entry is a progression, building upon Your Ideas Want to GROW VLOG. It contains the next phase/steps of growing your ideas & dreams.


My name is Malika. I am a spiritual & emotional wellness advocate, teacher, consultant, and guide. I posted a video recently about how your dreams want to come true and how i had this deep insight in revelation after dealing with a sweet basil plant. Well that plant is not done teaching me yet because I have a phase two part of the process.

I'll put it somewhere in the video around here a picture of the basil plant as it was as of last week and you will see how much it's grown compared to the temporary pot that it was in which was much smaller. If you haven't seen that one about your ideas want to grow you can check it out here:

This video is a step two, a progression, but interconnected. This next step is all about MAKING SPACE for your dreams & ideas.  There's a couple different ways that we can make space. This awareness came once I repotted my sweet basil. As you see in the picture the before and after is crazy. The basil just took off and probably doubled in size.

Similar to the plant our ideas and dreams need space to grow and thrive and so there's a couple of different ways that we can create space. 

1.) Time: At some point when when it's time for your dream to to grow for you to be clear in your energy and intention of it growing and blossoming you have to set aside some time for it. It could be a set time on your calendar. Some people may benefit from just making space on their calendar for that dream even if it's 30 minutes a week and you do something different around it each time. But the intention and the action of making that space is powerful.

Another way we can make space is by saying no to commitments, obligations, and things that don't fill us up work aside. We can create more time by not engaging and overextending ourselves so that we have the time to meditate on our dreams and we don't get so distracted. A friend of mine and I were talking about the first video and he mentioned a really good point about how we can get so distracted and busy we forget about our dreams/ideas. So saying no to things is key.

2.) Physically: By repotting the plant, I created more physical space and not changing anything else, this allowed it to double in size. Some people create physical spaces for ideas/dreams by creating an altar, a vision board, or just creating a a space in your home that's representative of you creating space in your life for this idea.

This concept is also in feng shui, the idea of creating a physical space that aligns with your intention and the way you want your energy to flow.

3.) Mentally & Emotionally (Weeding): The third thing is having to tend to and weed the space and what i mean by that is weeding emotional, energy, and/or beliefs that are incongruent with your idea and your dreams. Meaning, sometimes we plant the seeds all these other weeds will show up like self-doubt: "You can't do that", "Who do you think you are?", "You don't know how to do that!". Beliefs like that will reveal themselves as well as emotions like fear, anger, frustration, & overwhelm when we start thinking about our ideas and our dreams.

Despite how uncomfortable it can feel, these mental & emotional weeds that reveal themselves are actually part of the healing process. The reason these are weeds is because they drain energy away from the dream and ideas just like weeds in a garden. We pull those weeds out because they can drain the resources and the minerals from the soil that we want to go towards whatever we have planted.

I've been using weeding in my own life and may create a whole different video about it. If you're familiar with gardens and weeding, which i'm still learning,  there's two ways to deal with weeds. One you can just cut off the top so you don't see it and in a way that's a bypass. That's ignoring, pushing through, denying these emotions and beliefs that are counterproductive to that the ideas and the dreams that we want to fulfill and manifest in our lives. But what happens when we do approach them this way is that those roots are still there and those weeds will be back up in the next two or three days because we haven't dug it out at the roots. There are many processes on how to dig things out at the roots and it's a process and requires vigilance just like it does with your garden.

You can't just weed one day and say okay i'm good for the whole summer. lt's a process of continually checking for weeds and creating space. Similarly, for our dreams it's a process of continually weeding out beliefs and emotions that aren't in alignment with the growth and the direction that we want our lives to go.

So, if you'd like to hear more details on how I do emotional and mental weeding, please let me know below. Also love to hear your processes of weeding out if you have some.

So there you have it, three ways to create space to allow your dreams/ideas to flourish and grow: 1.) creating space with your time 2.) creating physical space and 3.) creating emotional and mental space by weeding out things that are  draining and not in the same direction and energy that your ideas and dreams are. 

I hope this has been helpful in some way take good care many blessings until the next time, bye.

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