Your Dreams & Ideas Want to GROW!

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Hey everybody! Malika here with another message from the heart.

This one was inspired by this sweet little basil plant right here. I was just talking to a friend about my experience with it and I just got this warm feeling and inspiration. It brought such clarity as an analogy for other things, so I wanted to share it.

I’ll just say and start off by sharing that I have killed many a house plant in my day. My father had a green thumb, and I would say that I maybe had a brown thumb for several years. I’ve always wanted a garden and I’d be like to myself, “Sis, how are you going to have a garden when you're killing houseplants? You know the ingredients are water and sun. How are we messing this up?’ But anyway, I just want to give some context.

With Covid slowing everything down at least in my life last year I really wanted to strengthen that connection with Mother Earth and take some baby steps to realizing this garden dream that I’ve had for a number of years. I started with an herb garden starting small and I wanted to do that again, so I got this basil plant. It’s a little bit high maintenance in this region because our evenings cool down sometimes below 50 degrees, which is too cold for this plant, and it would die. So, I put it in the window and then I forgot all about it. When I remembered it's like oh no, I looked at it was looking pitiful y'all. I thought it was a goner.

The leaves were crumpled up, it was droopy and so I still gave it some water and then once the soil was looking moist and much better, I put it back in the window again. When I tell you the snapback is real!!! No more than 24-48 hours ta-dah it's back! Y'all it's back, it's been resurrected honey maybe it was in a coma maybe it wasn't all the way dead it was in a coma and it's now awake. But I was telling a friend of mine who started his own patio garden about it yesterday and I just--I felt this warmth with this inspired thought about how this plant is an analogy for our dreams and ideas and how they want to grow. They [dreams and ideas] have their own intelligence like this plant.

 After I watered it a little bit and put it back out in the window because it wants to live and wants to grow, it snapped back. The same is true with our ideas and dreams. But if we don't give it our consciousness; our attention, our energy just like I forgot about this when we forget about our ideas and dreams when we don't take them seriously, they won't flourish and grow. They need our attention even if it's just thinking of it and not taking an action but keeping it on your mental and emotional radar. The powerful elements in manifesting include visualization and feeling and acting as if connecting to it energetically and then taking inspired action when you are inspired to do so.

Once I gave the plant my attention again, the inspired action was giving it water! The action was playing closer attention more often. I just wanted to share that because it was so clear and so easy. Our dreams and ideas want to grow so it doesn't have to be a lot of toiling and effort all the time. When we're taking inspired actions, when we're connected to it (consciously and emotionally), when we give it our loving attention and time when it requires it doesn't have to be difficult. Just like my plant, your idea or dream has its own intelligence, and it chose you.

For me there's been some scripts and different ideas that I haven't been giving my time and attention. I haven't really taken them as seriously and I’m saying that not with any judgment but just with honest observation. And so, it was like okay let's get back on it. Let's spend some time with it and nurture it.

The other thing I want to share is that sometimes the seeds (ideas/dreams) that we have may not fit in with the timeline we think it “should happen in.” So, I caution you, don't dig up that seed or give up on it too soon. You're not too old. You don't have to know all the answers. It chose you for a reason and so even if you don't see the seedling breaking through the dirt it doesn't mean that it's not going to happen.

And how often do we give up on or dig up something which can destroy it or hinder its progress and growth? Try to be patient. There are some things that I’ve planted seeds in my life energetically 20 years ago that are just starting to break ground. It's not too late that that dream, that idea wants to be nurtured; it wants to flourish, and it doesn't have to take a tremendous amount of effort just some to get it going and for it to bloom. I’d love to hear in your comments if this sparked any ideas in you or reminded you of some ideas that you haven't taken action on and also some ways that you might keep things in your consciousness. I know some do vision boards but those don't quite resonate with me, so I’m also interested in what some things that you do that have shown or have been effective and in keeping you connected number to your ideas, visions, and dreams. That's all for now my loves.

Until the next time take good care. Oh and the basil wants to say bye too! : )

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