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We support in living a Heart-Centered life of purpose, authenticity, fulfillment, and aliveness.

Learnings from Letting Go (VLOG)

Why am I experiencing this challenge?

Why FEEL GOOD Institute?

We are all whole and complete beings who lose our way from time to time. The rich and fruitful journey in life is the awakening of finding ourselves in a new transformed state of being. FEEL GOOD The Movement is the catalyst for this transformation.


[Your workshop] helped me get focused on a health choice I've been revisiting for a number of years and see ways to make progress.


How do we do it?

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Let's see if we're a fit to work together. In your complimentary 40 min conversation we will explore your healing journey needs. Long term 1 on 1 services include intuitive and/or accountability support, a safe space, deep listening, compassion, objective truth-telling, emotional support and tools to live a life of aliveness, connection, and purpose.

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The Podcast

Created and hosted by @MsMalikaLee it features lively, thoughtful, and engaging conversations with guests who have navigated challenges in life with resilience and buoyancy of Spirit. Topics include death of a loved one, facing fears, dating, changing careers, forgiveness, and more.

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Workshops + Online Courses

While we are required to do the heavy lifting on our healing journey, we don’t have to do it alone. The ability to connect with a supportive and safe community makes the journey so much sweeter. It's also helpful to do this work in community  because sometimes those closest to us may have a vested interest in wanting us and things to stay the same. Here is a place you can learn, explore, be you, be real, and stretch yourself beyond the confines of your current box.

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FEEL GOOD The Movement

Inspired by Gandhi's quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world." This project is a spiritual, grassroots curriculum inspired by underlying issues leading to murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others. While many of us want to do the work outside this curriculum supports the inside work by uncovering and healing our individual &collective unconscious biases around racism, sexism, and classism by exploring sleeping dreams in self-organizing Healing Circles.

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...My work with Malika has been life giving and sustaining, freed me from past patterns and obligations, and led me to a more fulfilling existence aligned with my calling in this world. Thank you!


...I appreciate the circle and have found that the healing has gone beyond the circle; I use it in my daily educator work life...   The healing circle has taught me the importance of actively listening and hearing what others are saying and to respond in such a way that others may benefit from the healing they are seeking.  

We all need healing.  I highly recommend joining a healing circle! 

S.Lozan  (FEEL GOOD The Movement)

[I] feel propelled to take action on one of my unanswered calls. The class was positive and filled me with energy to move forward.

Anonymous (workshop attendee)